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NEOCP Activity  on 2 October '07

The MPC's NEO Confirmation Page has 4 listings: 1 new, 3 updated

When last checked at 2356 UTC today, the Minor Planet Center's NEO discovery Confirmation Page (NEOCP) had one new and three updated listings. Of these, two were "one nighters."

To learn how observers use the NEOCP, see the Practical guide on how to observe NEOCP object by Birtwhistle et al. at Suno Observatory.

New MPECs  on 2 October '07

Minor Planet Electronic Circulars

As of last check at 2357 UTC, there have been seven MPECs issued today from the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

MPEC 2007-T09 - "19:03 UT" - Observations of Comets

MPEC 2007-T08 - "18:53 UT" - Comet P/2007 S1 (Zhao)

MPEC 2007-T07 - "18:46 UT" - Comet P/2007 R2 (Gibbs)

MPEC 2007-T06 - "18:42 UT" - Comet P/2007 R1 (Larson)

MPEC 2007-T05 - "18:38 UT" - Comet C/2007 Q3 (Siding Spring)

MPEC 2007-T04 - "18:34 UT" - Comet P/2007 Q2 (Gilmore)

<< DOU on 2 Oct. '07 >>  MPEC 2007-T03 - "06:06 UT" - Daily Orbit Update

Observers  on 2 October '07

A total of 31 observing facilities appear in today's MPECs.

CodeObserver / observatory
349Ageo Obs. in Japan, 2 in MPEC 2007-T09 -- C/2006 OF2, C/2005 L3
H55Astronomical Research Obs. in Illinois, 15 in MPEC 2007-T03 -- 2007 SV2, 2007 SS1, 2007 SQ6, 2007 SP6, 2007 SJ, 2007 RR9, 2007 RE1, 2007 RD1, 2007 PV27, 2007 PE8, 2007 LQ19, 2007 HE15, 2003 RN10, 2002 UR3, 2000 GV147
J51Atlante Obs. in the Canary Islands, 1 in MPEC 2007-T09 -- C/2006 OF2
170Begues Obs. in Spain, 3 in MPEC 2007-T09 -- C/2006 OF2, C/2005 L3, 93P
B24Cesson Obs. in France, 1 in MPEC 2007-T03 -- 4954
A77Chante-Perdrix Obs. in France, 2 in MPEC 2007-T09 -- C/2005 S4, 8P
151Eschenberg Obs. in Switzerland, 1 in MPEC 2007-T03 -- 2007 SG11
442Gualba Obs. in Spain, 1 in MPEC 2007-T09 -- 29P
355Hadano Obs. in Japan, 8 in MPECs 2007-T06, 2007-T07 & 2007-T09 -- P/2007 R2, P/2007 R1, P/2007 H1, C/2007 G1, C/2006 OF2, C/2005 S4, 93P, 50P
F84Hibiscus Obs. in Tahiti, 1 in MPEC 2007-T03 -- 2007 SE11
B19Iluro Obs. in Spain, 1 in MPEC 2007-T09 -- 29P
415Kambah Obs. in Australia, 3 in MPECs 2007-T05 & 2007-T09 -- C/2007 Q3, C/2006 Q1, 46P
585Kiev Comet Station in the Ukraine, 6 in MPECs 2007-T04, 2007-T06, 2007-T08 & 2007-T09 -- P/2007 S1, P/2007 R1, P/2007 Q2, C/2006 S5, 190P, 110P
704LINEAR in New Mexico, 1 in MPEC 2007-T09 -- 190P
130Lumezzane Obs. in Italy, 3 in MPECs 2007-T04, 2007-T07 & 2007-T09 -- P/2007 R2, P/2007 Q2, 139P
560Madonna di Dossobuono Obs. in Italy, 4 in MPEC 2007-T03 -- 2002 SV, 2001 SA270, 2001 QC34, 162173
J40Malaga Obs., 5 in MPEC 2007-T09 -- P/2007 H1, C/2006 S5, 110P, 93P, 50P
118Modra Obs. in Slovakia, 4 in MPEC 2007-T09 -- C/2006 W3, C/2006 S5, 188P, 139P
213Montcabre Obs. in Spain, 3 in MPECs 2007-T06 & 2007-T09 -- P/2007 R1, C/2006 OF2, C/2005 S4
945Monte Deva Obs. in Spain, 2 in MPEC 2007-T09 -- C/2006 OF2, C/2005 L3
G96Mt. Lemmon Survey in Arizona, 2 in MPECs 2007-T07 & 2007-T09 -- P/2007 R2, C/2006 W3
J47Nazaret Obs. in Spain, 3 in MPEC 2007-T09 -- P/2007 H1, C/2006 OF2, 8P
423North Ryde Obs. in New South Wales, 5 in MPECs 2007-T03, 2007-T05 & 2007-T09 -- C/2007 Q3, P/2007 H1, C/2006 Q1, 3753, 46P
473Remanzacco Obs. in Italy, 1 in MPEC 2007-T09 -- P/2007 H1
939Rodeno Obs. in Spain, 6 in MPEC 2007-T09 -- P/2007 H1, C/2006 OF2, C/2005 L3, 188P, 93P, 29P
J49Santa Pola Obs. in Spain, 3 in MPEC 2007-T09 -- P/2007 H1, C/2006 OF2, 93P
071Smolyan Obs. in Bulgaria, 2 in MPEC 2007-T09 -- P/2007 H1, C/2007 G1
291Spacewatch 1.8m telescope in Arizona, 2 in MPECs 2007-T03 & 2007-T08 -- 2007 SV2, P/2007 S1
G72University Hills Obs. in southern California, 3 in MPEC 2007-T03 -- 2007 SG11, 2007 RF5, 2007 LR32
H47Vicksburg Obs. in Mississippi, 1 in MPEC 2007-T09 -- C/2006 OF2
138Village-Neuf Obs. in France, 2 in MPEC 2007-T09 -- P/2007 H1, 50P

Impact Risk Monitoring  on 2 October '07

At last check (NEODyS and JPL at 2356 UTC) there was no risk monitoring news to report yet today. See the CRT for activity in the last month.

Chronology  on 2 October '07

Times are UTC for when the items were noted or added by Tracking News.

2346Grabbed MPEC 2007-T09 - Observations of Comets - see above
1903Grabbed MPEC 2007-T04 - Comet P/2007 Q2 (Gilmore) - see above
Grabbed MPEC 2007-T05 - Comet C/2007 Q3 (Siding Spring) - see above
Grabbed MPEC 2007-T06 - Comet P/2007 R1 (Larson) - see above
Grabbed MPEC 2007-T07 - Comet P/2007 R2 (Gibbs) - see above
Grabbed MPEC 2007-T08 - Comet P/2007 S1 (Zhao) - see above
1315Grabbed MPEC 2007-T03 - Daily Orbit Update - see above