MIT BioSuit spacesuit 
prototype. Credit MIT.

For tomorrow's explorers from a news item yesterday, the MIT BioSuit is described as safer and much more flexible to work in than today's spacesuits. A prototype is modeled here by Dava Newman, professor of aeronautics and astronautics and engineering systems. She, "her colleague Jeff Hoffman, her students and a local design firm ... have been working on the project for about seven years." Credit: MIT.

Contents  on 17 July '07


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Minor-Object News  on 17 July '07

Minor-Object Science  on 17 July '07

NEOCP Activity  on 17 July '07

The MPC's NEO Confirmation Page has 7 listings: 1 new, 6 updated

When last checked at 2333 UTC today, the Minor Planet Center's NEO discovery Confirmation Page (NEOCP) had one new and six updated listings. Of these, three were "one nighters."

New MPECs  on 17 July '07

Minor Planet Electronic Circulars

As of last check at 2333 UTC, there has been one MPEC issued today from the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

<< DOU on 17 July '07 >>  MPEC 2007-O04 - "06:07 UT" - Daily Orbit Update

Observers  on 17 July '07

Eleven observing facilities appear in today's MPECs.

H55Astronomical Research Obs. in Illinois, 6 in MPEC 2007-O04 -- 2007 LT19, 2007 NQ, 2007 LL, 2007 LD, 2007 GZ5, 2007 EK88
A74Bergen-Enkheim Obs. in Germany, 1 in MPEC 2007-O04 -- 1999 VO6
670Camarillo Obs. in southern California, 9 in MPEC 2007-O04 -- 2007 ML6, 2007 LR32, 2006 KE89, 2005 NW44, 2004 ST9, 2003 HF2, 1995 LG, 136818, 85275
704LINEAR in New Mexico, 4 in MPEC 2007-O04 -- 2004 ST9, 2003 MT9, 87309, 18882
130Lumezzane Obs. in Italy, 2 in MPEC 2007-O04 -- 2007 NQ, 2007 HX82
474Mt. John Obs. in New Zealand, 1 in MPEC 2007-O04 -- 2007 LV
A24New Millennium Obs. in Italy, 4 in MPEC 2007-O04 -- 2007 MB24, 2004 ST9, 136818, 85275
204Schiaparelli Obs. in Italy, 3 in MPEC 2007-O04 -- 2007 NQ, 2007 HE15, 2003 MT9
E12Siding Spring Survey in New South Wales, 2 in MPEC 2007-O04 -- 2007 DF8, 4954
A78Stia Obs. in Italy, 2 in MPEC 2007-O04 -- 2007 MM13, 2007 LR32
G69Thousand Oaks Obs. in southern California, 1 in MPEC 2007-O04 -- 85275

Impact Risk Monitoring  on 17 July '07

At last check (NEODyS and JPL at 2333 UTC) there was no risk monitoring news to report yet today.

Chronology  on 17 July '07

Times are UTC for when the items were noted or added by Major News.

1541Added link to news story, "July 15th Dawn Journal"
Added link to news story, "The New Largest Telescope in the World"
1459Added MOS paper, "Absolute Calibration and Characterization of the Multiband Imaging Photometer for Spitzer. III. An Asteroid-based Calibration of MIPS at 160 microns" - see above
Added MOS paper, "On the Rapid Collapse and Evolution of Molecular Clouds" - see above
Added MOS paper, "On the evolution of eccentric and inclined protoplanets embedded in protoplanetary disks" - see above
Added MOS paper, "The impact of initial density profile on protoplanetary disc evolution simulation" - see above
1401Added link to news story, "Keck Foundation Donates $1.5 million to the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope"
Added link to news story, "July 18 conference in Washington D.C. to examine impact of civilian space travel"
1338Grabbed MPEC 2007-O04 - Daily Orbit Update - see above