Dawn enclosed in its fairing atop its 
Delta II launcher.Credit NASA/Amanda Diller.

The Dawn launch has been postponed until Sunday and possibly later due to weather. See news below.

The Dawn spacecraft, mounted with its third-stage booster atop the Delta II launcher on Cape Canaveral AFS Pad 17-B, is seen with one-half of its aerodynamic fairing being attached to the rocket. Added highlighting outlines the dark spacecraft and its folded solar arrays against the dark inside of the fairing. The smaller image shows the whole fairing almost fully installed. Credit: NASA/Amanda Diller.

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Minor-Object News  on 5 July '07

Minor-Object Science  on 5 July '07

NEOCP Activity  on 5 July '07

The MPC's NEO Confirmation Page has 2 listings: 1 new, 1 updated

When last checked at 2356 UTC today, the Minor Planet Center's NEO discovery Confirmation Page (NEOCP) had one new and one updated listing. Of these, one was a "one nighter."

New MPECs  on 5 July '07

Minor Planet Electronic Circulars

As of last check at 2357 UTC, there have been two MPECs issued today from the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

MPEC 2007-N14 - "22:49 UT" - 2007 JF43, 2007 JH43, 2007 JJ43, 2007 JK43

<< DOU on 5 July '07 >>  MPEC 2007-N13 - "06:05 UT" - Daily Orbit Update

Observers  on 5 July '07

Seven observing facilities appear in today's MPECs.

H55Astronomical Research Obs. in Illinois, 6 in MPEC 2007-N13 -- 2007 MH, 2007 LD, 2007 JE40, 2007 JH22, 2006 VY13, 2001 XP1
G96Mt. Lemmon Survey in Arizona, 1 in MPEC 2007-N13 -- 2007 MC4
675Mt. Palomar in southern California, 4 in MPEC 2007-N14 -- 2007 JK43, 2007 JJ43, 2007 JH43, 2007 JF43
A53Peschiera del Garda Obs. in Italy, 3 in MPEC 2007-N13 -- 2007 MT20, 2007 LF, 2005 NW44
H45Petit Jean Mtn. South Obs. in Arkansas, 8 in MPEC 2007-N13 -- 2007 MB4, 2007 MB24, 2007 MT20, 2007 LR32, 2007 LA15, 2007 LV8, 2007 LF, 2004 ST9
291Spacewatch 1.8m telescope in Arizona, 3 in MPEC 2007-N13 -- 2007 LB15, 2005 GE59, 2005 BG14
A48Verona Obs. in Italy, 2 in MPEC 2007-N13 -- 2007 MB4, 2007 ML13

Impact Risk Monitoring  on 5 July '07

At last check (NEODyS and JPL at 2356 UTC) there was no risk monitoring news to report yet today.

Chronology  on 5 July '07

Times are UTC for when the items were noted by Major News.

2356Grabbed MPEC 2007-N14 - 2007 JF43, 2007 JH43, 2007 JJ43, 2007 JK43 - see above
2046Added link to news story, "Let's Hope Dawn Doesn't Break!"
Added link to news story, "Return of the Sponge Moon"
1930Added link to news story, "Cassini Scientists Wring Out The Details On Spongy Hyperion"
Added link to news story, "NASA Finds Hydrocarbons on Saturn's Moon Hyperion"
Added link to news story, "NASA Postpones Dawn Spacecraft Launch"
Added link to news story, "Lightning Prompts Launch Delay for NASA's Asteroid Probe"
1534Added link to news story, "New observatory rises from ashes"
Added link to news story, "Pluto not largest of dwarf planets"
Added link to news story, "NASA flight to Vesta, Ceres to run on exotic ion power"
Added link to news story, "Va. craft to explore asteroids"
1423Added MOS paper, "An Unbiased Survey of 500 Nearby Stars for Debris Disks: A JCMT Legacy Program" - see above
Added MOS paper, "Dynamics of Jupiter Trojans during the 2:1 mean motion resonance crossing of Jupiter and Saturn" - see above
1358Grabbed MPEC 2007-N13 - Daily Orbit Update - see above