Unknown comet dives into Sun as seen 
from SOHO C2 on 7-8 June 2007

Death of a comet, probably a fragment of an ancient, much larger comet (see SpaceWeather.com yesterday). This Sun-diving act was seen from the SOHO LASCO C2 Coronagraph with the Sun, indicated by the white circle, blocked out by an occulting disk. The times of the composited images, beginning at the bottom on June 7th, are 1954, 2108, 2206, 2306, 2354, 0054, 0154,0254, 0330, and 0430 GMT. They were assembled at A/CC at 1024x1024 resolution, cropped, and reduced to half size. Original images courtesy of NASA/ESA SOHO mission.

Contents  on 9 June '07

WELCOME to A/CC's prototype daily news publication designed to be the viewing end of a planned autonomous 24-hour news service. The new tools and this publication format are working well enough now to share with readers. It is expected that this approach will require less time to maintain than our previous news and small asteroid pages, which were retired on May 14th. There's still more development ahead and there probably will be some glitches along the way, but this is what's needed to keep up with the increasing pace of minor-object news. The CRT page will be maintained separately for a little while longer, until all of this is working smoothly. And the CRT and small-asteroid ephemerides will be kept going.

Minor-Object News  on 9 June '07

Minor-Object Science  on 9 June '07

No science papers were available or prepared today.

NEOCP Activity  on 9 June '07

The MPC's NEO Confirmation Page has 7 listings: 3 new, 4 updated

When last checked at 2359 UTC today, the Minor Planet Center's NEO discovery Confirmation Page (NEOCP) had three new and four updated listings. Of these, five were "one nighters."

New MPECs  on 9 June '07

Minor Planet Electronic Circulars

There were two MPECs issued this day from the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

MPEC 2007-L35 - "18:25 UT" - 2004 RV10

<< DOU on 9 June '07 >>  MPEC 2007-L34 - "06:07 UT" - Daily Orbit Update

Observers  on 9 June '07

A total of 24 observing facilities appeared in this day's MPECs.

B161st Moscow Gymnasium Obs. in Russia, 1 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2007 LF
B03Alter Satzberg Obs. in Austria, 3 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2007 LD, 2007 LF, 2007 LE
H55Astronomical Research Obs. in Illinois, 1 in MPEC 2007-L35 -- 2004 RV10
170Begues Obs. in Spain, 5 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2007 LF, 2007 LE, 2007 JJ35, 2005 AD13, 2002 KF4
703Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona, 6 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2007 FK1, 2005 LR3, 2004 LJ1, 2002 PQ142, 8566, 3352
176Consell Obs. in Spain, 1 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2007 LL
448Desert Moon Obs. in New Mexico, 2 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2007 KW2, 2003 HF2
B32Gelenau Obs. in Germany, 2 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2007 LF, 136874
H51Greiner Research Obs. in Wisconsin, 2 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2007 LF, 2007 LE
A17Guidestar Obs. in Germany, 4 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2007 LL, 2007 LF, 2006 KE89, 2005 AD13
511Haute Provence Obs. in Germany, 3 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2007 DZ40, 2006 KE89, 2006 GB
B19Iluro Obs. in Spain, 2 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2005 AD13, 85275
246KLENOT in the Czech Republic, 3 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2007 LD, 2007 LF, 2007 LE
704LINEAR in New Mexico, 5 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2004 KH17, 2007 LF, 1998 UL1, 145656, 138883
699LONEOS in Arizona, 1 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 152895
5682David Tholen's team on Mauna Kea in Hawaii, 1 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2004 XN44
H45Petit Jean Mtn. South Obs. in Arkansas, 2 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2007 LE, 2007 JJ35
104San Marcello Pistoiese Obs. in Italy, 1 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2007 LD
H36Sandlot Obs. in Kansas, 5 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2007 LL, 2007 LF, 2007 LA, 2007 JZ20, 2007 GD49
260&Rob Matson in California using the Siding Spring Digital Sky Survey in New South Wales, 1 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2007 HZ
B40Skylive Obs. in Italy, 2 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 145656, 136874
691Spacewatch 0.9m telescope in Arizona, 2 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2005 BG14, 6050
291Spacewatch 1.8m telescope in Arizona, 5 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2007 KE, 2007 KG7, 2007 KJ, 2007 JY2, 1917
F85Tiki Obs. in Tahiti, 2 in MPEC 2007-L34 -- 2007 LF, 2007 LE

Impact Risk Monitoring  on 9 June '07

Summary Risk Table for Risk Assessments Updated Today   (last checks: NEODyS and JPL at 2359 UTC)
Note that the time horizon for JPL is 100 years from today and for NEODyS is usually the year 2080.
For the latest official risk assessments, see the JPL NEO Program Sentry and NEODyS CLOMON (backup) risk pages.





Notes for Today's Latest Risk Assessments
2007 LLJPL1333R E M O V E DJPL #2 for the day: Risk listing removed at 1031 UTC.
2007 LDNEODyS1333R E M O V E D
JPL1333R E M O V E DJPL: Risk listing removed at 1058 UTC.
2004 XN44NEODyS13432013-2074164.55e-07-3.15-3.670NEODyS: "Based on 28 optical observations (of which 0 are rejected as outliers) from 2004/12/13.254 to 2004/12/20.281."
JPL13332013-2102182.9e-07-2.93-3.250JPL: "Analysis based on 28 observations spanning 7.0266 days (2004-Dec-13.253512 to 2004-Dec-20.280097)." Diameter approximately 0.730 km. from mean, weighted H=18.3.

Legend: VI# = VI count, Prob Cum = cumulative probability, PS Cum/Max = cumulative/maximum Palermo Scale, TS = Torino Scale

For a list of all risk-rated objects recently in view, see our ephemerides page.

An impact solution, also known as a "virtual impactor" (VI), is not a prediction but rather a possibility derived from an orbit calculation that cannot be eliminated yet based on the existing data. Elimination can come quickly with just a little further observation or may take weeks or months, sometimes years. Once superceded or eliminated, a former impact solution has zero relevance to an object's risk. See Jon Giorgini's "Understanding Risk Pages" for more about all this.

Chronology  on 9 June '07

Times are UTC for when the items were noted by Major News.

1928Grabbed MPEC 2007-L35 - 2004 RV10 - see above
1510Added link to news story, "Meteorite stolen from museum in Magadan, Russian Far East"
Added link to news story, "Meteoric rise"
Added link to news story, "Chunk of Meteorite Stolen from Russian Museum"
1343Noted that NEODyS has updated its 2004 XN44 risk assessment - see above
1334Grabbed MPEC 2007-L34 - Daily Orbit Update - see above
1333Noted that JPL has updated its 2004 XN44 risk assessment - see above
Noted that JPL has removed 2007 LD as an impact risk - see above
Noted that NEODyS has removed 2007 LD as an impact risk - see above
Noted that JPL has removed 2007 LL as an impact risk - see above
0052Noted that JPL has posted 2007 LL as an impact risk - see above