Thursday19 August 20042:32pm MDT2004-08-19 UTC 2032

Risk monitoring yesterday 19 August tomorrow

The Thursday Daily Orbit Update MPEC shows that 2004 QQ has been found in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) archive from 14 January 2002. This mile-size object was briefly listed with impact solutions yesterday after its discovery was announced.

Summary Risk Table - sources checked at 2030 UTC, 19 Aug




 2004 PU42JPL 8/172071-210318-5.23-5.8503.772
 NEODyS 8/152071-20776-6.23-6.5203.772
 2004 PP97 NEODyS 8/172029-20757-4.04-4.5500.987
JPL 8/172023-210335-3.51-4.1100.987
 2004 ME6JPL 6/282017-209943-5.64-6.3500.873
 NEODyS 6/272044-20637-7.29-7.7600.873
VI = count of "virtual impactors" (impact solutions)
See A/CC's Consolidated Risk Tables for more and maybe
  newer details, and check the monitors' links for latest info.
Note that only objects recently in view are shown here.

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News briefs

Bits & pieces:  Rent-A-Scope has posted an article by Robert Hutsebaut telling about the path that led to his becoming a regular participant in confirming near-Earth asteroid discoveries even though he lives under the light-polluted skies of Brussels, Belgium and doesn't have an observing facility of his own.

New Scientist reports a theory by Chandra Wickramasinghe and colleagues that 2003 VB12 (aka “Sedna”) does have a moon but it has escaped observation by being even darker than comet nuclei, thus maybe indicating “an unknown population of dark solar system objects.” The Hubble Space Telescope will try looking again soon.

An ESA news release today tells how the Rosetta comet lander's Ptolemy instrument “is designed to ‘smell’ the comet for different substances, analysing samples that have been ‘cooked’ in a set of miniature ovens.” See also 18 June news.   [ top ]
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