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2004 CH52 by Begues Obs. 2 March 2004

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Cover: It hasn't had an MPEC of its own and isn't listed anywhere as an NEO, but the current Minor Planet Center 2004 CH52 orbit solution does barely meet the definition, with perihelion at 1.29952 AU. Roughly estimated at just under 400 meters/yards wide, it is a Mars-crosser with observations from February 14th through March 2nd, when Pepe Manteka caught it and sent three views. At far left he stacked frames to catch 2004 CH52 near galaxy NGC 3521. At near upper left, you can see the faint object moving in seven frames. And he also stacked frames on the galaxy itself for some deep sky enjoyment.

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News briefs

Meteor news:  The University of Washington in St. Louis (WUStL) and its NanoSIMS ion probe are in the news again this week with a news release from yesterday, "First silicate stardust found in a meteorite." It explains that, although "silicate grains appear to be the most abundant type of oxygen-rich grain made in stars," as seen in astronomical spectra, "presolar silicate grains [had] been isolated only from samples of interplanetary dust particles from comets" until graduate student Ann Nguyen undertook to find a few grains among tens of thousands in a "disaggregated" sample of Acfer 094, "one of the most primitive meteorites that has been found." The result shows "that the solar system formed from gas and dust . . . rather than from a hot solar nebula."

A scientific presentation co-authored with Ernst K. Zinner is available as a 455Kb PDF from the NanoSIMS page. For more about NanoSIMs work, see "IDP news" last week, and news from a year ago.

Namings:  The Minor Planet Center today updated its Discovery Circumstances pages with 93 new namings. The highest numbered asteroid with a name is now 73491 Robmatson (2002 PO164), a Main Belter discovered by Sebastian Hoenig in the NEAT/Palomar archive. Rob Matson is also an archive sleuth (see 2004 DW news) as well as a meteorite and SOHO comet hunter.

Readings:  The Rosetta Journal has an entry today about communication with the Rosetta spacecraft.

Sky & Telescope has an article today, "A House Call for a Hubble House Call." See more links yesterday ("House space").

The Discovery Channel reports today that one of the presentation's at last week's Planetary Defense conference (see "Plantetary defense" news February 24th and 28th) was about the Chicago and upper Midwest fires of October 1871, begun by meteors according to UFO investigator and retired aerospace engineer Robert Wood. The culprit in this theory is the apparently extinct comet 3D/Biela.

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Risk monitoring 5 March

Like NEODyS yesterday, JPL this morning (UTC) removed all of its 2004 DV24 impact solutions after receiving new observations ahead of today's DOU, coming from Siding Spring Observatory in Australia Wednesday. Today's DOU also reports observation of DV24 by the Observatorio Astronomico de Mallorca (OAM) from last night.

JPL has revamped risk assessments for two more objects not currently under observation: 2003 LN6 and 2003 DW10, both with low overall risk ratings. There was almost no change for LN6 and very slight change for DW10.

Summary Risk Table - sources checked at 2358 UTC, 5 Mar




 2004 DV24JPL 3/5R E M O V E D
 2004 DCJPL 3/42036-20866-4.54-4.63013.040
 NEODyS 3/12029-206910-4.97-5.28013.04
VI = count of "virtual impactors" (impact solutions)
See A/CC's Consolidated Risk Tables for more and maybe
  newer details, and check the monitors' links for latest info.
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