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Saturday27 December 20033:38pm MST2003-12-27 UTC 2238
Today's news about Asteroids, Comets & Meteors
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  • News briefs – Spotted again & 22 EKBO discoveries
  • Risk monitoring – NEODyS & JPL have put 2003 YT1 at TS-1 & have removed 2003 XB22, plus NEODyS also pulled 2003 YQ94
News briefs

Spotted again:  The Saturday Daily Orbit Update MPEC has observations of 2003 EB50 [link|alt] from Siding Spring Observatory in Australia from December 25th. This was the first reporting since May 3rd for this object that was briefly listed with impact solutions and is roughly estimated at 1.8 km. (1.12 miles) wide.

Distant discoveries:  MPECs 2003-Y79 and 2003-Y80 today announce 21 Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt objects (EKBOs) discovered by Lowell Observatory's Deep Ecliptic Survey (DES) using the Kitt Peak 4m telescope during 22-24 October, with follow-up 20-22 and 24 November, plus one more discovery on November 20th. See yesterday's report about DES EKBO recovery/follow-up work done largely at the same time.


Risk monitoring 27 Dec.

Today's Daily Orbit Update MPEC (DOU) carries observations of the two-kilometer 2003 YT1 from the 25th from Siding Spring Observatory in Australia and from Sormano Observatory in Italy last night. It took until Saturday evening in Pisa for NEODyS to post a new assessment, increasing its impact solution count by two, raising risk ratings, and going to Torino Scale 1 for the first time with any object since 2003 QO104 in early October. (TS-1 is a routine alert that an object "merits special monitoring.") At noon time in Pasadena, JPL also put 2003 YT1 at TS-1, while cutting its impact solution count by two.

Earlier report:  It is interesting and educational to note that yesterday JPL had 237 impact solutions for 2003 XB22, and NEODyS had an overlapping set of 136 solutions, and today both risk monitors eliminated all solutions, based apparently on just four new positions from the 25th, reported from Siding Spring Observatory in Saturday's DOU. These extended the observing arc for this half-kilometer object by 18 and a half hours, from 9.212 to 9.985 days. (The Minor Planet Center Last Observation

Summary Risk Table - sources checked at 0016 UTC, 28 Dec




 2003 YT1JPL 12/272017-21009-1.64-2.1018.721
 NEODyS 12/272017-20786-1.80-1.9418.721
 2003 YS70 NEODyS 12/272056-20779-8.16-8.5204.992
JPL 12/272052-20923-8.40-8.4204.992
 2003 YQ94NEODyS 12/27R E M O V E D
 2003 YE452014-2101111-1.64-2.2004.310
 NEODyS 12/272014-207938-2.13-2.7204.310
 2003 YD45 NEODyS 12/272067-20743-3.63-3.6305.754
JPL 12/272074-20741-3.28-3.2805.754
 2003 XB22JPL 12/27R E M O V E D
NEODyS 12/27R E M O V E D
VI = count of "virtual impactors" (impact solutions)
See A/CC's Consolidated Risk Tables for more and maybe
  newer details, and check the monitors' links for latest info.
Note that only objects recently in view are shown here.

page is showing that San Marcello Pistoiese Observatory in Italy caught XB22 yesterday.)

The kilometer-size 2003 YQ94 also was removed today by NEODyS — the only risk monitor that had listed it — after the day's DOU reported a set of observations from Pla D'Arguines Observatory from early today in Spain.

Monitoring, part 2

The DOU has observations of 2003 YD45 from Siding Spring and Pla D'Arguines from the 25th, when Siding Spring also got 2003 YE45. Today NEODyS lowered its risk ratings for YD45 while JPL, now down to one impact solution, very slightly lowered its YD45 assessment. The two monitors split on very slightly lowering/raising their risk ratings for YE45 while cutting their impact solution counts for this kilometer-size object.

2003 YS70 observations are reported from Siding Spring on the 25th, from Sormano last night and Great Shefford and Pla D'Arguines observatories and the Observatorio Astronomico de Mallorca (OAM) this morning in Europe. Today this tiny object comes to about 1.6 lunar distances from Earth.
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