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Saturday15 November 20035:09pm MST2003-11-16 UTC 0009
Today's news Page status: done, one correction 17 Nov.
Meteor news

Colorado event:  About Thursday night's Colorado fireball(s), the Rocky Mountain News has an article today, "Fireball not part of meteor shower." This has been picked up by the Associated Press and is appearing elsewhere. It gives the corrected event time of 7:41pm. See A/CC's report yesterday.

Leonids: has viewing tips today. And CNN has some interesting graphics that were prepared in advance of last year's Leonids.

News briefs

Telescope theft: has an item from yesterday telling about the theft early Thursday of "one of the largest portable amateur telescopes made," a 30-inch StarMaster. It was taken from the owners' residence in Albuquerque, New Mexico, along with tools and accessories, in a trailer which the item describes.

DSN news:  Astrobiology Magazine has a report today, "Winter Boon From Deep Space," telling about improvements in NASA's Deep Space Network. See also A/CC's report.

Nevada find:  The Reno Gazette-Journal posted a new version yesterday of a report which A/CC had noted about a Nevada meteorite find. It changes from saying that only four other meteorites had been found in Nevada to reporting that eight had been cataloged as of 1999 and there have been more since.

The Meteorite Mailing List (MML) had a "Nevada Meteorites" thread last December in which Robert Matson gave a list of 21 separately cataloged finds, some as groups, from 1908 to 2001. And Bernd Pauli reported, "Presently there are 'at least' 30," and gave a listing of individual meteorites.

Nevada is one giant invitation to meteorite hunting. For those wanting more information, a good starting point is Robert Verish's Nevada Meteorite Picture site, including a new October find.

Update:  The article photo caption says the meteorites were found "near Elko," which is far from where the article text put them. Queried about this, author Lenita Powers told A/CC today that wrong information was provided to the photographer, and confirmed that the find was "just northeast of Gerlach, across the Washoe County line into Humboldt [County]."
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