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Monday10 November 20032:50pm MST2003-11-10 UTC 2150
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News briefs

Radar binary news:  In a follow up to his comments of November 6th, Steven Ostro told the Minor Planet Mailing list (MPML) today that 1990 OS has turned out to be binary after all, based on Arecibo radar observations of 5-6 November. "The secondary is so faint that it was not noticed at first. The clear implication is that tiny satellites of NEAs may be very common." This one is estimated at 45 meters/yards wide, circling a primary some 300 meters wide at a distance of about 600 meters every 18 to 24 hours. "Optical lightcurve observations of this object would be valuable."

PHO news:  MPEC 2003-V43 today reports the recovery of PHO 2000 EJ26 by Paulo Holvorcem and Michael Schwartz with observations from Tenagra II Observatory in Arizona from Saturday and this morning. This object, estimated from its brightness to be roughly 450 meters/yards wide, has an orbit that brings it close to Earth and Venus.

2000 EJ26 was discovered on 3 March 2000 by LINEAR in New Mexico, and was last reported seen on April 29th of that year.

Yesterday it was noted that 2003 VF1, while listed with impact solutions, had been observed by Bill Ryan (of New Mexico Tech) with the 1.8m Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT) in Arizona. Today's Daily Orbit Update MPEC reports his further observations of that object yesterday morning, along with PHO 2003 VE1 and NEO 2003 VG1. He tells A/CC that he has used some open time to do NEO follow-up while he is at the VATT to get "additional lightcurve data for our Vesta family survey [and do] some photometric precision experiments for the MRO [Magdalena Ridge Observatory] design study." This is the Vesta family project that recently reported that 3782 Celle [link|alt] appears to be the first known vestoid binary.

Summary Risk Table - sources checked at 1856 UTC, 10 Nov




 2003 UX34JPL 11/32040-20401-4.76-4.7607.080
 2003 UO12NEODyS 11/4R E M O V E D
JPL 11/42067-20671-7.92-7.92013.624
VI = count of "virtual impactors" (impact solutions)
See A/CC's Consolidated Risk Tables for more and maybe
  newer details, and check the monitors' links for latest info.
Risk monitoring 10 Nov.

Today's Daily Orbit Update MPEC does not carry new data for either object with impact solutions and under recent observation, and, at last check, JPL had not yet updated on yesterday's new data for 2003 UO12.
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