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Sunday2 November 200312:50pm MST2003-11-02 UTC 1950
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Bits & pieces

Chasing faint FMOs:  Great Shefford Observatory has posted two very interesting and well illustrated pages showing observations of the fast-moving objects (FMOs) 2003 RU11 and 2003 UT55.

2003 RU11 is estimated to be on the order of 26 meters/yards wide, and was discovered early on September 14th by LINEAR. Great Shefford was the last to observe RU11 optically, late on the 17th, just as Arecibo began hitting it with radar. Great Shefford also would have been first to confirm the discovery on the night of the 14th, but RU11 wasn't immediately found in search images, as Peter Birtwhistle explains with an "uncertainty map."

2003 UT55 may be about half the size of 2003 RU11, and Great Shefford was the only observatory to catch it, aside from the discoverer, KLENOT. UT55 was moving fast, diving toward the horizon, and was gone before it could be found in Great Shefford's search images to allow more exact observation.

Main Belt news:  The New Haven, Conn. Register has an Associated Press story today telling about the discovery of "one, and possibly three" Main Belt asteroids at John J. McCarthy Observatory, mentioning two of them — 2003 TG10 and 2003 TH10. They were all found in a single image made while following 2003 TH2 (which has impact solutions, see below). The third object, 2003 TO10, was mentioned in an October 24th article at the New Milford Times.

Professional astronomer Ian Griffin was interviewed yesterday for National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" news program in a segment called, "What Are You Listening To?" which is aimed at finding out "what regular people have playing on their car stereos." It says "His first selection is from Bruce Springsteen. Griffin is enough of a fan of The Boss to have named an asteroid he discovered after him." That would be Main Belt asteroid 23990 Springsteen.

Site news

With the new A/CC news format implemented yesterday, we need to have a fixed URL that you can hit to get the latest news, yet the news is presented on a new page each day. That means using frames or meta tag redirection, and both methods have their problems and irritations. Yesterday we used frames because page loading is immediate, but some Netscape users couldn't get in, so we are using redirection for now while investigating that problem.

Summary Risk Table - sources checked at 0035 UTC, 3 Nov




 2003 UQ25 NEODyS 11/12074-20741-6.25-6.2507.239
JPL 11/12074-20932-6.26-6.3407.239
 2003 UO12JPL 11/12067-20671-5.41-5.4109.326
 NEODyS 11/12067-20671-5.48-5.4809.326
 2003 UM3JPL 10/192008-210387-6.42-6.5801.011
 NEODyS 10/192008-207828-7.67-7.9701.011
 2003 TH2 NEODyS 11/12061-20652-5.98-6.20025.082
JPL 10/312061-20611-6.58-6.58025.082
VI = count of "virtual impactors" (impact solutions)
See A/CC's Consolidated Risk Tables for more and maybe
  newer details, and check the monitors' links for latest info.
Risk monitoring
2 Nov.

The Sunday Daily Orbit Update MPEC carries no observations of objects that have impact solutions.
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