MPC Ephemerides for Objects with Impact Solutions & Recently in News
Note: As a convenience to NEO observers, this form obtains formatted data
      from the IAU Minor Planet Center, which is not associated with A/CC.

List dated as of 1802 UTC on 19 January 2019




Last news

2019 BFV=21.8, el.=153.8°12.64421182019-01-171.87e-10--9.11-9.11
2019 AK12V=22.6, el.=158.0°2.96621012019-01-181.10739e-060-7.34-7.71
2019 AG12V=22.3, el.=144.9°5.94320912019-01-192.39e-070-6.31-6.31
2019 AU6V=nil, el.=8.6°10.00820642019-01-132.94e-040-4.37-4.58NHATS target
2019 AS5V=27.0, el.=177.5°1.10620742019-01-101.78e-070-10.47-10.88NHATS target
2019 AH3V=nil, el.=7.5°1.28820602019-01-062.0e-050-5.87-5.88
2019 AC3V=22.2, el.=101.0°13.87520912019-01-189.38e-050-5.52-5.55NHATS target
2019 AW2V=22.9, el.=158.3°13.92920722019-01-192.851e-060-5.65-5.65
2019 AQ2V=22.0, el.=132.3°11.92320902019-01-172.91e-070-7.24-7.5NHATS target
2019 ABV=26.2, el.=52.1°2.48420732019-01-043.67e-060-6.35-6.45
2018 YW2V=22.0, el.=87.3°17.13320502019-01-196.376e-070-5.81-6.19
2018 YQ2V=34.4, el.=11.1°8.95120772019-01-102.3021e-070-7.60-7.77NHATS target
2018 YO2V=24.3, el.=162.9°9.90020662019-01-101.77e-070-9.51-9.88NHATS target
2018 XB4V=22.7, el.=76.9°32.89220522019-01-180.0001126914860-3.76-3.80NHATS target
2018 XW3V=25.9, el.=145.4°21.16020422019-01-061.73e-070-7.13-7.2
2018 XX2V=25.2, el.=156.0°23.95621062019-01-063.47e-070-7.20-7.39
2018 XQ2V=26.2, el.=79.4°27.82520642019-01-071.09e-030-4.86-5.43NHATS target
2018 XF2V=24.8, el.=169.0°24.25220802019-01-064.92e-070-7.21-7.3
2018 WH1V=27.1, el.=80.9°16.06620762019-01-191.101333e-050-7.12-7.70NHATS target
2018 WE1V=26.4, el.=125.6°17.89620712019-01-191.99e-090-9.22-9.47
2018 VCV=26.1, el.=123.5°36.00821092019-01-191.18266e-050-6.02-6.16NHATS target
2017 FB102V=32.6, el.=42.0°6.24320542019-01-181.7873e-070-7.67-8.04
2016 AZ193V=31.5, el.=6.3°0.15920192019-01-112.1974198e-060-6.30-7.22NHATS target
2014 HN198V=28.6, el.=46.0°0.98820212019-01-102.45769e-080-7.66-8.53
2010 XCV=32.2, el.=13.1°0.05820192019-01-122.9169366e-060-7.45-8.56NHATS target
2010 JA43V=24.9, el.=5.8°2.71220222019-01-078.11495e-080-4.97-5.60
2010 DG77V=22.4, el.=80.8°0.59520202019-01-127.3832077e-060-4.84-6.27
2008 EL68V=29.9, el.=62.8°0.07120192019-01-113.24185673e-050-5.39-6.21
2005 NX55V=23.5, el.=9.8°1.13420202019-01-104.31772e-080-5.00-5.65
Note: The above risk-rated objects stay listed here until scrolled off the CRT page for lack of news.

These next risk-rated objects are not under active observation but some may be achievable targets:

ObjectVisibilityObs. ArcNotes
2018 YH2V=21.2, el.=155.1°1 day arc, last obs. 2018 Dec. 18
2018 LH16V=21.8, el.=133.8°2 day arc, last obs. 2018 June 17
2018 LF16V=23.1, el.=84.8°2 day arc, last obs. 2018 June 16
2017 AB21V=23.2, el.=96.7°1 day arc, last obs. 2017 Jan. 4
2016 XK24V=22.1, el.=48.7°0 day arc, last obs. 2016 Dec. 12
2016 WN55V=22.7, el.=59.0°2 day arc, last obs. 2016 Nov. 20
2016 JR38V=23.6, el.=62.1°5 day arc, last obs. 2016 May 8NHATS target
2016 BQ15V=23.5, el.=176.3°8 day arc, last obs. 2016 Feb. 7
2010 KV21V=7.5, el.=130.4°4 day arc, last obs. 2010 May 22
2010 HV20V=24.0, el.=44.2°7 day arc, last obs. 2010 May 2
2010 GD37V=22.3, el.=71.7°3 day arc, last obs. 2010 Apr. 9
2010 CAV=24.4, el.=139.0°20 day arc, last obs. 2010 Feb. 14
2010 AU118V=3.9, el.=84.8°1 day arc, last obs. 2010 Jan. 15
2009 FDV=23.6, el.=128.8°
2007 YS56V=22.7, el.=156.9°11 day arc, last obs. 2008 Jan. 11NHATS target
2007 FT3V=22.2, el.=81.3°1 day arc, last obs. 2007 Mar. 21
2006 WK130V=24.1, el.=40.0°22 day arc, last obs. 2006 Dec. 20
2006 DNV=24.1, el.=112.8°34 day arc, last obs. 2006 Mar. 26NHATS target
2006 CDV=23.4, el.=114.9°2 day arc, last obs. 2006 Feb. 3
2001 CA21V=22.8, el.=159.5°2 day arc, last obs. 2001 Feb. 4

Visibility - apparent magnitude & solar elongation at 0600 UTC on Jan. 20th
           - V > 22.0 is out of view for most observers & V > 24.4 is out of view for almost everyone else
           - el. < 60.0° is leaving view for many observers & el. < 40.0° is out of view for everyone
Arc        - the longest observing arc (in days) used by either risk monitor for its risk analysis
VI#1       - the year with the earliest virtual impactor solution currently listed by either risk monitor
Last news  - last day UTC on which A/CC had news to report about this object's risk assessment
Cum. prob. - highest cumulative probability calculated for Earth impact (1.0/1.0e-06 = "one in a million")
TS         - highest Torino Scale rating reported by either risk monitor for this object
PS cum.    - highest Palermo Scale cumulative rating reported by either risk monitor
PS max.    - highest Palermo Scale maximum rating reported by either risk monitor

Start date for ephemerides: Number of dates to output
Ephemeris interval: Ephemeris units: days hours minutes seconds
For daily ephemerides, enter desired offset from 0h UT: hours
Observatory code:
Display positions in: truncated sexagesimal or full sexagesimal or decimal units

Total motion & direction Separate R.A. & Decl. sky motions Separate R.A. & Decl. coordinate motions
Display motions as: "/sec "/min "/hr °/day

Suppress output   if sun above local horizon   if object below local horizon
Generate perturbed ephemerides for unperturbed orbits
Also display elements for epoch

Format for elements output:
none MPC 1-line MPC 8-line
SkyMap (SkyMap Software) Guide (Project Pluto) MegaStar V4.x (E.L.B. Software)
TheSky (Software Bisque)

If you select 8-line MPC format, you may display the residual block for the objects selected:
Show residuals blocks.Show only residual lines containing observations from code . If you select 8-line MPC format the elements will be displayed with the ephemerides. If you select any format other than 8-line MPC format, only the elements are returned. In such cases your browser should download the elements file and save it to your local disk.