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Note: 2009 HC82 was risk listed but no longer. From its May 5th JPL orbit solution, it can come as close as 42.6 lunar distances from Earth, although not in the next hundred-plus years. This object is on the order of 2 km. wide, roughly determined from the amount of light it reflects, and it may be even larger if it is actually a dark comet nucleus, as suggested by having a retrograde orbit highly unusual for asteroids.

2008 HC2 imaged by 
Great Shefford Observatory on 4 May 2009. 2008 HC2 is the faint fuzzy dot near center in this May 4th imagery, with background stars seen as streaks.

Peter Birtwhistle at Great Shefford Observatory explains: This "is a 28-image stack with 2009 HC82 at centre. Each exposure was 30 seconds long, so total exposure was 14 minutes. Measured magnitude was +20.2 R. Midtime of exposure was 01:05 UT on 4 May 2009. At the time it was moving approximately east to west (p.a. 279 deg.) at 1.85"/min. I cropped the original field to 5'x5', doubled the size and also tried to level out the rather uneven original background. North is up. Telescope details are 0.40m f/6 Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD." Image ©Copyright 2009 Great Shefford Observatory.
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