Observing Campaigns

Solar-system small body observing campaigns for which amateur astronomer participation is sought

Near Earth Object Discovery Confirmation

After discovery by professional asteroid surveys or the occasional amateur, confirmation from other observers is usually obtained before a new object is announced to the astronomical community.

Risk-Listed Objects Follow-Up Rosetta Ground Based Campaign

A campaign to observe comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (aka "67P/Chury" or "the rubber ducky") as this object comes to perihelion on 13 August 2015 accompanied by the European Rosetta space mission.

NASA Near-Earth Object Human Space Flight Accessible Targets Study (NHATS)

On 20 March 2012 the NASA/JPL NEO Program Office announced its new Near-Earth Object Human Space Flight Accessible Targets Study (NHATS) Web site.

Potential Mission Destinations (PMDs)

Josh Hopkins of Lockheed Martin Space Systems (LMSS), working with others in the field of physical space exploration, has compiled a list of potentially accessible asteroids "for a variety of types of missions including human exploration and robotic sample return," including many that need photometry and some needing astrometry. The list was first circulated in mid-October 2011 and first posted on the A/CC Web site on 7 November 2011. Because it has not been maintained since 2013, A/CC is switching to supporting the similar but not completely overlapping NHATS list.

Asteroid Photometry Radar Support

Photometry is what's mainly needed, but also astrometry in some urgent cases, which are sometimes announced on the MPML. A/CC notes radar targets in its reporting and on ephemerides pages, and is the only Web site that routinely announces the posting of new radar astrometry (when it occurs, as part of the daily Tracking News).

Asteroid Recovery Comet Recovery Close Passers - Our Nearest Neighbors

Not a campaign, but observations of objects that come within ten lunar distances of Earth are specially highlighted in A/CC news reporting.

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